There is no better way to build connection than by genuinely thanking a customer or supporter.

When you take the time to say thank you, you demonstrate to your customers that they are more than a transaction. You reinforce that they're special, and you appreciate their business.

Photo by Autumn Goodman / Unsplash

Example Thank You Use Cases

Campaign: Saying thank you for any action taken by customers or supporters

Context: Make it easy to say thank you to anyone and everyone your organization interacts with.

Goal: Demonstrate care, build deeper connections and have more loyal customers and supporters.

Campaign Description: Having a pre-recorded thank you message that is automatically sent out to everyone you interact with ( triggered by Goodkind or via CRM )

Campaign: Special thank you messages to high profile individuals

Context: Sometimes you have a high profile donor, or a customer that has been shopping with you over a long period of time. For these people, you want to demonstrate extra effort and send them a special kind of thank you.

Goal: Give a select group of individuals the VIP treatment and demonstrate in no uncertain terms how important they are you to you and your organization.

Campaign Description: Automatically request videos from high profile individuals in your organization to record special thank you messages for this special group of customers. Think the dean or president of your university, or the founder of your company.

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